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Are you studying or working in Madrid? Do you feel that you need psychotherapy but you still don’t speak Spanish well enough? If this is your case, we offer you psychotherapy with an English speaking therapist, so the language is not an obstacle for you to get help.

María Olsanska is an English speaking therapist, licensed psychologist, authorized for clinical practice by local authorities: registered in Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos (number M-23813) and Consejería de Sanidad (number CS12816). She has an eclectic orientation and experience in working with adults and children in the following problems: depression, anxiety, social phobia, difficult life situations, students’ difficulties (test anxiety, low motivation and low studying effectiveness), ADHD or family problems.

In our center we follow several principles in order to offer you a high quality service. You can remember them as “AEIOU”:

Affordability: It is essential that psychotherapeutic treatment is affordable to everyone. Getting help must not be a privilege, but a right, thus in our center you will find low cost prices.

Effectiveness: A psychotherapeutic treatment cannot be a “pointless game”. Therapist and client must share their effort in order to see results.

Integrality: Integrality in two senses – first, our orientation integrates many systems, searching the best of each. Second, we treat every client considering his or her complexity as human being. If you are interested, you can complement the therapeutic treatment with other services like yoga classes, mindfulness course or massages. Some activities are offered to therapy clients without additional cost.

HOnesty: The therapeutic relationship is a special kind of relationship in which being honest is essential. We only try to help those we see that sincerely are able to benefit from our services. We always give the client all the necessary information and we allow him to work at the pace that he decides. The client must naturally have the last word in deciding how to be helped.

HUmanism:  Our orientation in psychotherapy, besides the integration of all the visions and possible schools, is mainly humanist. In this sense, we understand the great potential for growth of the human being, his large undiscovered resources and self-esteem as a fundamental pillar of emotional health. We understand how powerful is the work on the emotions and the body, including contributions from Western psychotherapy the therapies coming from the East.


If you are interested in psychotherapy in English, please, contact us.






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