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Centro Bravo is a center of integral health and wellness in Madrid.

Is it possible to live healthily, free of pain, fit, without disease, illness in the middle of our stressed, overloaded or confused life?
We, more than believe it, say yes, it is possible. Of course, it is not easy because our stress, our job, our commitments and all sorts of problems are challenging us constantly. Centro Bravo de Salud Integral can be your life guard in the middle of the ocean of stress.

We offer a wide range of scientifically contrasted and effective therapies to help you to improve your health. We understand health not only as “no illness” but, like Hippocrates said, as a state of harmony with ourselves.

Our main services are:




About us

We are specialists in, what we call, integral health: the promotion of healthily habits and personal growth in all the complexity of the human being (physical, psychological, relational, sexual, nutritional, developmental, spiritual, etc.)

The members of the center are:

Jose Bravo

Since I was a teenager, I have been highly interested in different methods of personal development and all kinds of therapies. I researched the practice and the theory of yoga, psychology, several systems of psychotherapy (humanistic, Gestalt, Client-centered therapy by Rogers or Erickson’s hypnosis techniques). I also studied other oriental and occidental therapies and methods like Chi-Kung, traditional Chinese medicine, Pilates, meditation and Mindfulness, therapeutic fasting, nutritional coaching or different kind of massages. I was always concerned about the seriousness and effectiveness of all these systems, moving away from esoteric schools or other, in my opinion, misleading systems.
I am registered in the Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos (official local organization for psychologists) with number M-23477 and I have a wide experience as therapist, specialized in depression, anxiety, psychosomatic problems, personal growth methods, counselling and vital orientation.
I have been teaching yoga for ten years and I have experience in many specific populations: old age, adults, children, youth, etc.
I have a notable experience in teaching meditation and mindfulness courses; a so-called third generation therapy that can change your life at many levels.


María Olsanska

My vocation always included studying psychotherapy and other therapies that could improve the quality of life. I have degree in psychology and work as clinical psychologist (register number M-23813). I have an eclectic orientation, because I am interested in making the most of each therapeutic system (mainly humanistic, mindfulness based therapy, Gestalt and others). I have a wide therapeutic experience working with adults (treating problems like depression, anxiety, adaptation to difficult vital situations) and with children (child anxiety, students’ difficulties, family problems or ADHD).
I am an advanced practitioner of Mindfulness and I have imparted mindfulness courses for adults and children. I studied and have experience teaching Pilates, Yoga, Chi-Kung, Aerobic and dance to students of different levels and preparing classes for specific ages (children, old age).
I speak fluently 3 languages (Spanish, English and Czech) and am able to teach and perform psychotherapy in them.


Our center of psychology is authorized by Consejería de Sanidad de la Comunidad, register number CS12816.

In our center, we follow a low cost pricing policy, because we are interested in helping everyone that needs it, not only those privileged ones.

Centro Bravo is located near the underground and bus station “Plaza Elíptica”. You can arrive very quickly from Madrid center taking the underground line 6 or several buses lines (6, 60, 81, 47, 55).

If you are interested in our services or need more information about them, please contact us.







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Consulta de Psicología Sanitaria inscrita en la Consejería de Sanidad de la Comunidad de Madrid con el nº CS12816